If you are a hardcore automotive enthusiast, you have got to try this stuff! And if you are a professional detailer, you are cheating your customers if you are not using this product.

LOOKS WET NO MESS Tire Shine is an extremely high gloss, wet look tire dressing that is not greasy or oily, won't fling off and lasts for weeks, even in rain. One can will detail approximately five cars and will stay on your tires for two to three weeks. Fine aerosol mist application sprays on absolutely perfectly with no runs or drips and sets up nearly dry to the touch in about one minute. LOOKS WET NO MESS creates virtually no overspray even when used in windy conditions. It is 100% safe for all wheel finishes including painted, polished or chromed rims and any overspray simply wipes off with a towel. It is not a clear coat paint, so it won't harder, crack, peel or yellow. Prevents tires from browning, fading and cracking. Also works great on rubber trim parts and wheel wells.

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